Go back to where it all began with RIFT Prime.

Leap straight into RIFT Prime with 30 days of Patron time, plus 2 15 Day Patron Vouchers that you can use yourself or gift to a friend.

What is RIFT Prime? RIFT Prime is a progression server, meaning that the server begins with content and level caps restricted to that of the original RIFT launch, then gradually unlocks additional content and expands the level cap over time. This allows RIFT Prime players to experience each set of content from RIFT's history in sequence.

The cosmetic items received from this pack will only be available to characters on the RIFT Prime server.

30 Days of Patron and RIFT Prime Server Access

2x 15 Day Patron and RIFT Prime Server Access Voucher Codes
  • Can be redeemed on any account
Armored White Tiger Mount

Cloak of the Void

Primogenitor Title

RIFT Prime Portrait Frame

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