Get instant RIFT Prime access, plus a whole host of awesome items to help you start your adventure.


30 Days of Patron and RIFT Prime Server Access
Get 30 days of RIFT Prime server access, plus a ton of incredible boosts and bonuses on RIFT live servers.

2x 15-day Patron and RIFT Prime Server Access Voucher Codes
Share the gift of Prime server access with your friends or extend your own time.

Mecha Crucia Broodling Mount
Conquer the storm from the back of this fearsome dragon mount.

Brevanic Portal Generator
Don’t waste time walking: instantly travel to any porticulum.

Storm Warden’s Cape
Strut your stuff with a super slick cape.

Mini Regulos Companion Pet
Bring this pint-sized destructor with you wherever you go.

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